Ehrlick tortured boy prior to his death

When the search for Robert began on July 24, 2009, investigators believed he was alive. For 10 days the community searched for the missing boy. Thousands of people volunteered their time to search neighborhoods, canal banks and other areas. On August 3, 2009, a traffic flagger spotted what turned out to be Robert s body floating in the New York Canal near Kuna.On August 18, 2009, police arrested Ehrlick and Robert s mother Melissa Jenkins, charging them with Robert s murder. Jenkins pleaded guilty in January to a lesser charge of second degree aiding and abetting.Now, after 22 months, Ehrlick s trial began with opening statements Tuesday.Danny Ehrlick killed Robert Manwill when he dropped cheap jerseys china the full force of his 280 pounds, knees first onto Robert's body, said Ada County Deputy Prosecutor Jill Longhurst.Those were the first words Longhurst made in her hour long opening statement to the jury. She went on to say that Ehrlick hit Robert s head on an object hard enough to leave the boy with a fatal brain injury.Longhurst said Robert s final days were filled with fear, pain and helplessness, saying that they would prove the violence that caused Robert s death was not the first time he d been physically abused.This is a torture and murder case, and we're going to talk about that said Longhurst.Longhurst went into detail about the role of social workers from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare that visited the home of Jenkins and Ehrlick. Prosecutors say those social workers never saw Robert for the last month of his life. The workers even had an appointment with cheap jerseys china Jenkins and Ehrlick the day Robert went missing.Prosecutors believe that shortly after Robert s death Ehrlick put him in irrigation canal that runs by his home.[Ehrlick] shoved large river rocks into the cargo pockets of Robert's jeans and he sunk his body to the bottom of the New York Canal, said Longhurst.Longhurst also plans to argue that Ehrlick planned to divert and deceive investigators.Danny Ehrlick would say, 'Well, I think my neighbor is suspicious, or this person did it, or go look at that person.' Danny Ehrlick even told law enforcement, my own father did this, said Longhurst.This is how Longhurst described the events surrounding Ehrlick s arrest.When Danny Ehrlick takes one look at them, and takes off running, and tries to get into his father's house, with them running after them screaming, 'Stop police, stop police.' And he Wholesale NFL Jerseys tries to block the door. When officers come through, they try to get a hold of him because he starts running again, and wholesale nfl jerseys china he turns around and swings at them, and there's a little scuffle on the ground, said Longhurst. They pick him Cheap Jerseys up and they tell him he's under arrest for the murder of Robert Manwill. And Danny Ehrlick looked at them and said, 'Prove it.'Ehrlick's public defender Gus Cahill made this argument.This is a case that ultimately becomes a crime wholesale jerseys in search of a person to hold accountable, said Cahill.Cahill argued that Jenkins and Ehrlick were suspects from the beginning and thatled police down the path of charging them with Robert's murder.This is not a case where there is a confession. There is not an eyewitness, said Cahill. It's significant that you understand that Daniel told the police, 'I did not do this.'There could be over 100 witnesses testifying in this trial.Right after opening statements the testimony began. The testimony focused on the discovery of Manwill's body and those who first responded to the scene. Ten days went by between the time Robert's mother reported him missing and when cheap nfl jerseys his body was found in that canal.The first witness was Dawna Pettit, a traffic flagger who was working by the canal when she saw Robert's body floating in cheap nfl jerseys china the New York Canal on August 3, 2009.I had to look twice, because the first time I saw the shoe, I was in a little bit of disbelief, and so I immediately looked again and started putting the pieces together, Pettit testified. I did call my co worker who was up at the other end of the job site, said, there's a body in the water, I need to call 911.Pettit called 911. Her first words to the dispatcher were: I have a dead body to report.The second witness was also working near the canal that day. Robert Heathis a mosquito abatement worker for Ada County.When I saw the body, it looked like a doll. And once I recognized it had shoes, clothes and a shirt on it, I called 911, Heath testified.

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