Does Brainetics Make Learning More Fun

A relatively new program, Brainetics, has introduced a way to make learning math more fun for your children than it ever has been before. The Brainetics system, a program designed to help your child master their math skills, uses DVDs and other interactive tools to make the learning process fun. Children who have used the Brainetics learning system have stated that the lessons feel more like play than they do homework.

Brainetics goes beyond the rote memorization that is often taught to children in their elementary school classrooms and instead teaches your child several memorization tricks. Your child will learn these memorization tricks and apply them throughout the program. Once they have gotten used to applying the memorization tricks throughout Fake Men Ray Ban Cats the program, you will soon see them applying these tricks everyday, beyond just the math classroom.

Mike Byster, the creator of the Brainetics program, and an individual often known as a human calculator, developed his program to train two parts of your child's brain to work together while simultaneously operating on their own. Under Byster's Brainetics program, one part of the brain memorizes information while another part sorts and Fake Men Ray Ban Cats Sunglasses processes the new information Fake Men Ray Ban Clubmaster coming in.

The Brainetics program is designed to be done by your child on their own, but it can also be done as a group. The ability to use the Brainetics program in either an individual or group setting means that this program can be used by children that work best independent or in a group setting. Because the program is designed to be done at the pace of the child, Brainetics can also be very helpful for children with learning disabilities.

The Brainetics kit, which can be ordered online through the Brainetics website, includes five separate DVDs that include the various lessons. The first DVD gives your child lessons on following directions, sensing and finding patters in numbers, and concentrating. The second DVD is designed to help your child to Fake Men Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses overcome any anxiety they have regarding math by using a variety of fun tricks and games. The third DVD teaches your children a number of math shortcuts designed to allow them to do complex math in their heads without the assistance of a calculator. The fourth DVD focuses on the multi tasking abilities your child needs to help them solve their math problems. The final DVD works to improve your child's memory and mental capacity.

The program includes fifteen overall sections. Each section takes anywhere from a couple of days to one week to finish. Byster estimates that it will take one to three months for your child to master the program.

Along with the DVDs, you get a Brainetics "playbook" that helps to explain each of the lessons. The playbook also gives your child practice space to be used during the lesson. The set also comes with fifty two flash cards that are used to help your child increase their processing speed and lesson comprehension. Playing cards are used by your child to increase their ability to recognize patterns and increase their mental speed. Finally, a guide for parents will help each child's parent to become more involved in the process.

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